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HLSA History

The Harvard Law School Association (HLSA) was born on November 5, 1886 in Cambridge, Massachusetts--the first association of its kind. Upon the 125th anniversary of the HLSA in 2011, with the generous support of Harold P. Hope III ('99), the HLSA began an effort to chronicle its rich history, converting dusty archives into digital media accessible to all alumni worldwide. While still a work in progress, please join us in celebrating the release of the treasures below.

The First Meeting of the HLSA (November 6, 1886)
Article from the Boston Post

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First Twenty Years of the HLSA (1886-1906)
A history, reprinted by the Harvard Graduates Magazine in June 1907, of the first twenty years of the HLSA, written by Winthrop H. Wade, LLB (1884).

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